R.R.R. Surf Off • Sat. May 19th 2018 @ 9th St. 7:30am-4:30pm • Huntington Beach, CA.

  • 2018 Divisions & Heat Times

    Drains to Ocean is a grass roots, non-profit organization with a mission to keep pollution from flowing into rivers, lakes, and oceans. We believe that every drain matters. Our goal is to create awareness by educating the public and empowering local networks of active volunteers to participate in mountain cleanups, street and beach cleanups. Visit www.drainstoocean.org

    RRR Surf Off RESULTS:

    1st Place: Petey Romanik
    2nd Place: Esai Gonzales
    3rd Place: Sawyer Abing
    4th Place: Kalani Nelson
    5th Place: Dylan Shemke
    6th Place: Kalia Nelson

    1st Place: Zack Lyons
    2nd Place: Ari Engel
    3rd Place: Mahteo Gonzales
    4th Place: Max Lambert
    5th Place: Jake Vanderburg
    6th Place: John Wedner

    1st Place: Pedro Todaro
    2nd Place: Dustin Voorhees
    3rd Place: Ethan Hurst
    4th Place: Jeff Hessey
    5th Place: Paul Puglasi
    6th Place: Bradie Shemke

    1st Place: Casey Wheat
    2nd Place: Mark Austin
    3rd Place: Jeff Hessee
    4th Place: Anthony Quiroz
    5th Place: Jeff Morris
    6th Place: Beau Basset

    1st Place: Meah Collins
    2nd Place: Juju Romanik
    3rd Place: Mara Morales
    4th Place: Juli Hernandez
    5th Place: Brooke Daigneal
    6th Place: Tiffany Russo

    1st Place: Eric Peterson
    2nd Place: Bradford Colwell
    3rd Place: Mike Butler
    4th Place: Joe Coyne
    5th Place: Chris Bermudez
    6th Place: Max Bollinger

    Special Awards:
    Best Maneuver: Petey Romanik (Scored a 10pt wave!!!)
    Best Effort: Dylan Shemke

    Additional Results: Results

  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle 3 R Song