2018 Results will be posted the day after the event. Stay tuned… 


Results of the 2014 Reduce Reuse Recycle Surf Off held on October 4th, 2014 @ 9th St. in excellent 4-6ft surf.

Kneeboard Division (All Ages):
1st Place: Mike Butler
2nd Place: Eric Peterson
3rd Place: Mike Fernandez
4th Place: Tom Fish
5th Place: Fred Rodriguez
6th Place: Carl Ellery


Groms Division (11 & Under):
1st Place: Justin McCoy
2nd Place: Kolby Aida
3rd Place: Max Lambert
4th Place: Ryan Chalupnik
5th Place: Tyler Legere
6th Place: Luca Coons


Youth Division (12-16):
1st Place: Nichols Holdman
2nd Place: Dustin Voorhees
3rd Place: Garret Shawkey
4th Place: Billy McCoy
5th Place: Chase Voorhees
6th Place: Gabe Kasman


Guys Division (17 & Up):
1st Place: Danny [Dan] Horgan
2nd Place: Casey Wheat [Dogg]
3rd Place: Alex Gullett
4th Place: Jason Russo
5th Place: Chuck Rigano
6th Place: Christian Willerth


Girls Division (All Ages):
1st Place: Kim Hamrock
2nd Place: Amy Geoffroy
3rd Place: Liz Speirs
4th Place: Olivia Bloom
5th Place: Skylar Gassel
6th Place: Jamie Hevauer


Longboard Division (All Ages):
1st Place: Anthony Bartovich
2nd Place: Christian Wilerth
3rd Place: Justin Murphy
4th Place: Jack Duarte
5th Place: Walter Focht
6th Place: Larry Casas

Two awards were given out to HB Councilman and woman Joe Shaw and Connie Boardman for the “Appreciation for your Environmental Support” by the Huntington Beach Surfrider Foundation. If you live in HB and like Clean Beaches and care about the environment, Joe and Connie should be considered to get your vote this upcoming 2014 Election. A personal thanks from the RRR Surf Off for Team HB Sponsoring the Event as well!
Thanks to all the competitors for the great attitudes and excellent surfing all day! Stay up to date on our
facebook page for our next event in 2015.